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Play bridge on your computer, tablet or phone.

Bridge On Your Computer

Play bridge on your computer, phone or tablet.

You can choose to play the Acol or Standard bidding systems.

Learning the Acol bidding system

Acol Bidding

For Acol players, set your bidding system to 4 card majors and 12-14 1NT opening. You can choose to play weak 2 bids or strong 2 bids.

Standard bidding system in bridge

Standard Bidding

Standard players can select 5 card majors and a 15-17 1NT opening. Most Standard players use weak 2 bids but it's up to you!

Play bridge now.

Play Bridge Now

At Sky Bridge Club you're playing against the computer so there's no need to find people to play with.

Ready for a game of bridge now? Please join us!

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Play Bridge Anytime

The first 10 hands of the day count towards the daily competition but you can play as many more hands as you like.

Hands are redealt everyday at 6pm New Zealand time.

Bridge lessons

Learn Bridge Online

Play while you learn. There are hints available for each bid if you need some help with a tricky hand.

Discuss hands, swap stories or just give each other some encouragement.

We're here to help.

bridge for beginners

Bridge For Beginners

New to bridge? You're welcome at Sky Bridge Club whatever your level.

We have a lot of new players practicing while they're having beginners lessons.

Not everyone is interested in lessons. That's ok, too.

Asking for aces in bridge

Practice Your Slam Bidding

There are all sorts of bidding conventions that can help with slam bidding but, really, the one thing that is most useful is a good dose of courage.

Q. How did you get to slam?

A. Practice, practice, practice.

Improving your declarer play in bridge

Better Declarer Play

Bidding is only half the story. Learning to play the cards better as declarer in both notrumps and suit contracts takes practice. At Sky Bridge Club you can replay the hands as often as you like to see how you might have done better.

Ducking in bridge

Card Play Technique

There are many different techniques you can learn to improve your card play. One of the fundamental principles is to establish tricks in your long suits. Likewise, you'll want to try to prevent the opponents from establishing their suits.

Ducking in bridge is often used as a way to prevent the opponents from getting back and forth between their hands. It really just means playing a low card but bridge players seem to love quacky names.

Bridge lessons with Graeme Tuffnell

Bridge Lessons With Graeme Tuffnell

Play 10 hands and then join the weekly livestream with Graeme Tuffnell to ask questions or just watch as he plays the same hands.

Bridge is just a game of cards

Bridge Card Game

Bridge is a card game for four players. It's a trick taking game kind of like euchre, 500 or spades. Nothing at all like Snap! or Go Fish!

But it's still just a game of cards.

Duplicate Bridge

Duplicate Bridge

In duplicate bridge the same cards are played without redealing at multiple tables. Each partnership tries to do as well as they can with the cards they hold compared to other players holding the same cards. It removes a lot, but not all, of the luck!

Sky Bridge Club uses duplicate bridge scoring.

Best bridge player

The Best Players

It doesn't take long to learn to play bridge although to get really good takes time. One of the challenges of the game is trying to figure out what cards the opposition hold. Some of those subtleties are lost on our cyber friends.

It's good to be a human.

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