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What is a 1NT overcall?


  1. Spoiler alert – don’t peek!

    Don’t look until after you’ve played the hand yourself, but here is the original comic strip showing the full hand:

    Peanuts and all characters, © Peanuts Worldwide LLC

  2. Just made the 3 nt, no overtricks.

  3. rita928 says:

    Since when does “Peanuts” play bridge????????

  4. ginny13 says:

    Fun wee hand. 3NT 600 made

  5. coalsmoke says:

    Went 3NT and went down.

  6. heatherte1 says:

    Thanks. My voting incorrect. However made 3NT. Lucky I held off for the QC.

  7. banksia9 says:

    I don’t agree with a balancing 1NT showing 16-18 HCP. However, that is what we play here at Sky.
    With the South hand, I’m not bidding 3NT because we may not have a diamond stopper.
    I’m not bidding 2H because that should end the auction as a weak takeout with a long suit.
    3H from me should be forcing with 5 hearts.
    I believe that we have enough for game. After all, West must be nearly broke.
    I would bid 3D which should be a stopper ask.
    Since partner doesn’t have a diamond stopper, he will bid 3H.
    I will raise to 4H.
    Is this auction too difficult for the bots?
    (Mind you a 4H contract is no picnic)

  8. banksia9 says:

    Didn’t work.
    Partner passed 3D. Sad.

  9. anyana says:

    I made 4NT but I had to assume if we were short of diamonds, the opposition would run out, and we’d make 3. I was lucky that West couldn’t lead a diamond back. We were REALLY short of them.

  10. tessybear says:

    Bid 3NT reluctantly as I did not have D’s covered and W let a D when my Club finesse did not work. So down I went like a balloon full of water.

  11. mrsh says:

    Went down at 3NT on first go. 2nd, made 3H and suspect 4H is there.
    In real life, I might double to indicate a “stolen bid” but that should promise 5 hearts.
    A toughie for sure, I definitely need some serious remediation in met no trump play.

  12. susan16 says:

    Bid 3NT. Made 3NT. Tried to bid 3c for stayman. Computer wouldn’t accept a stayman bid. Why not? Aren’t systems on after the 1NT bid

  13. pswms says:

    Made 11 at 3no trump….but hesitant because of diamond shortage. Will try hearts now, as some others did. What is amishstitch?

  14. mariamack44 says:

    the computer did not allow a double or rather it wouldn’t come up and I could o no transfer so 3NT I played made 10 eventually better playing in the day rather then midnight when the brain isn’t functioning too well.

    Thanks for the hand team I did like peanut cartoons

  15. birdlady says:

    I made 3NT but not to any brilliance on my part. When its a squeaker take the tricks and run.

  16. loulla says:

    Played in 4 hearts and went down one; after assessment I decided to finesse twice and made 11 in 4 hearts. Finessed got Q of hearts and 10 of clubs. Happy with that.

  17. featherp says:

    I made 11 tricks in 3NT. We play gadgets such as Stayman and Transfers after a 1NT overcall, so I would have used Stayman, but East had already called 2 Diamonds. I hoped my weak diamonds wouldn’t be exposed and jumped to 3NT on the basis of our team having at least 26 points.

  18. A 1NT overcall I’m taught means 15- 17 hcpts. With my 10 hcps, that means game is on. We both have balanced hands but I have no cover in diamonds. Not easy but possible to make 3NT.
    You cannot afford to loose the lead, otherwise taken to the cleaners in diamonds! Elizabeth Steele.

  19. lolli9 says:

    I bid the 3n and made it, but I’m not really sure on how many points a 1no overcall is supposed to have.

  20. rosemaryw says:

    Made 3NT plus one overtrick 630 pts. Just didn’t dare lose the lead to those diamonds

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