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Welcome to Sky Bridge Club


Nelle says:
Good presentation teaching how to use the features
Jettslanding says:
Very helpful
hound says:
Three other useful features
1) a click on the score or in the centre of the screen will bring up the round that has just been played for review.
2)click on the bidding to review the bidding
3) after the hand is done it can be replayed with a choice of seats by clicking your name. (score for replay will be shown but not recorded)
DaveT says:
327 players* what does the * stand for?
Neelak says:
I bid 1c p 1d p 1h p 3h p 4h .
And made it . Yeahhj
Georgemag1 says:
I have forgotten how to download the app for skybridge
Foxylox says:
My score will be terrible, I haven't bothered to look, I get fed up when often hand after hand the points go to the E & W, it gets boring so I often just give the hand a miss, not a serious player!
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