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February 14, 2010
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June 9, 2014


Vulnerability in bridge

Vulnerability is dictated by the hand number and the same system is used worldwide. Hand 1, for example, has nil vulnerability in every bridge game.

Hand Vulnerable
1 Nil
2 NS
3 EW
4 All
5 NS
6 EW
7 All
8 Nil
9 EW
10 All
11 Nil
12 NS
13 All
14 Nil
15 NS
16 EW

This pattern repeats for each subsequent 16 boards.


Read the scoring lesson to find out how the scores change depending on vulnerability.


Tactically speaking, vulnerability can have a big effect on bidding. Whether you choose to be aggressive or conservative will often depend on how much you stand to lose or gain.

Be more conservative in competitive situations when vulnerable. 2 down vulnerable costs 200 points – more points than any partscore your opponents can make.

The strength of preempts in particular should reflect vulnerability. Aim to be within 2 tricks of your bid when vulnerable.

Don’t sacrifice at adverse vulnerability (you vulnerable and your opponents not vulnerable) unless you think there is some chance of actually making your contract.

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