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How the Results are calculated

After each hand you play, you will see a ranking showing how your result compares to everyone else's. If your ranking is 1/100, it means that nobody scored higher than you. Just like runners running a race, players can tie for a ranking. For example, if 5 people (including you) played a hand in which 1 scored higher than you, 2 tied your score, and 1 scored lower than you, your ranking for that hand would be 2/5. It is as if you tied for 2nd place.

At the end of every day, your rankings for hands 1 through 10 are used to calculate your daily percentage (%). You will find your % in the gamescreen Menu, along with your daily Progress. Your Progress (+/-) shows how your average today compares to the last few days' average.

To appear in the daily Ladders, you must record a score for all 10 hands. Only the first attempt playing a hand will record a score and a ranking for that hand. At the end of every day, all the daily results, rankings, and averages are finalized.