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Play bridge against the computer

Bridge is a fun card game for four players but you can play bridge against the computer by yourself, too, so why wait?

When you play bridge online you'll normally be in the South seat and your cards will show at the bottom of the screen. The computer will bid and play for the other players including North, your partner.

Play bridge against the computer

We're ready for you!


Play bridge on your phone or tablet

Play bridge on your iPad or iPhone at Sky Bridge Club.
Play bridge on your Android phone or tablet at Sky Bridge Club.
To make sure you don't tap the wrong card when playing on a phone or small screen, you can turn on 2-click Mode.

Practice Hands

If you're learning bridge it's helpful to get some extra practice in between lessons and playing against the computer means you can take your time and even redeal to play the same hand again a few times without slowing everybody else down. Your friendly computer partner is just happy to have some company.


How good are the bridge 'bots'?

'Bots', short for robots. Bridge is a tough game for computers. Some of the very best bridge computers are getting pretty good, very good in fact, although none of them are world-beaters yet. Not many of us humans are world beaters yet, either, but bridge is still fun for players of all abilities.

Actually, we think some bridge players and teachers make the game seem more complicated than it needs to be. You don't need to know a lot bidding gadgets or conventions to enjoy playing and you'll progress much faster if you keep things simple. That's the way we teach, that's the way we play and that's the way we've programmed the Sky Bridge Club computer to play.

We're enjoying working on our bot and little by little it gets to be a stronger player. Come play some hands with us and you will too!