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Making sure that our members are having fun, feel supported, and are improving their bridge are our priorities. We're a small team, but we'd love to assist you as you learn and play bridge however we can. We're here to help!

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email us at hello@skybridgeclub.com

About Us

We at Sky Bridge Club are a small team of bridge fanatics doing the best we can to make a fun place to play and learn bridge. Our story began (quite) a few years ago when Graeme and Tina started House of Cards, a bridge club in Christchurch, NZ.

When Graeme left Christchurch, he began building what we're pretty sure was the world's first browser-based online bridge engine at bridgeonline.co.nz. Bajir joined the team in 2011, a complete newbie to bridge. Tina, Graeme, and Bajir created Sky Bridge Club to be a friendly and fun place where players of all skill levels can learn together and play bridge against the computer.

Over the last decade, what started as an small experiment has grown into a thriving community of bridge players from around the world. We are players of all levels. Some of us play casually, just a few hands a day. Some of us get pretty competitive. Our biggest hope is for Sky Bridge Club to be a friendly, welcoming, and supportive place for everyone.

Tina McVeigh
Tina McVeigh
Graeme Tuffnell
Graeme Tuffnell
Bridge Engine Developer, Teacher
Bajir Canon
Bajir Cannon
Site Developer, Resident Cheerleader