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Community Guidelines

Sky Bridge Club is a supportive and welcoming place for all bridge players. These community guidelines are here to help foster a club that is inclusive and friendly in nature.

We welcome thoughtful, civil comments submitted in our bridge lessons, videos, and hands. All comments are actively monitored by the site administrators to ensure they meet these community guidelines.

We administrators, teachers, and commenters are all real people. Above all else, please treat each other and us with respect.

We do not allow:

- Hate speech, personal attacks, bullying, harassment

- Comments or questions that are nonsensical, antagonistic, inappropriate, or irrelevant

- Advertisements or self-promotional material

- Comments that demean or disrespect the bridge engine, the Sky Bridge Club brand, or the club's administrators


We will continue to do all that we can to ensure Sky Bridge Club remains a friendly and helpful bridge club. We reserve the right to edit, moderate, or remove comments that go against any of these guidelines.

To all of our members who contribute so positively to this vibrant community, we thank you!


Graeme, Tina, & Bajir