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February 14, 2017
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Rule of 11

Rule of 11

The rule of 11 is a technique you can use for calculating the location of unseen cards in the suit that has been led. It only works in situations where a player has led ‘4th highest’.
You start with 11 and then subtract the value of the card led. The result indicates the number of cards higher than the one led in:
– the partner of leader’s hand
– plus dummy
– plus declarer’s hand.

How to use the rule of 11

Imagine partner has led a 7. Take 11 (it’s the rule of 11, after all!), subtract 7 (the value of the card led) and the difference is 4. That means there are four cards higher than the 7 in your hand, dummy and declarer’s hand.

You are South and partner leads the 7. You can see three cards higher than the 7 in your hand and one card higher than the 7 in dummy. That means declarer has no cards higher than the 7. You can let partner’s 7 hold the trick and keep your Ace to cover dummy’s K.

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    That’s amazing this rule of 11! Can’t wait to apply it.

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