Responder Changes Suit
April 2, 2017
Opener’s First Bid
April 2, 2017

Responder’s Limit Bids

Opener’s partner is called the ‘responder’. If responder raises opener’s suit or bids notrumps, both shape and strength are shown in one bid. These bids are called ‘limit’ bids.

Responder’s 1st Bid

Responder can raise partner’s suit, bid notrumps or change suit.

If you have trump support for the opener’s suit, you have found the fit you were looking for. You need 8+ cards between you for a fit.

If you don’t have a fit, and there is no suit you can conveniently show, you can respond in notrumps.

When you raise partner’s suit or bid notrumps you can and should also show your strength. Bids which show shape and strength are called limit bids.

Responder’s Limit Bids

When supporting partner or bidding notrumps, you can and should show partner how strong you are. It’s pretty simple, the stronger you are the higher you bid!

Support Partner

Opener Responder Points
1 2 6-9
1 3 10-12
1 4 13+

Bid Notrumps

Opener Responder Points
1 1NT 6-9
1 2NT 10-12
1 3NT 13+

Are you close to game? Not really with this hand. You have the bare minimum you needed to bid at all. Bid 2 which shows 6-9 HCP and a fit.

You haven’t quite enough to bid game, but you are close! if you bid 3, you tell partner that you have a fit and 10-12 HCP. Partner can then decide if the partnership has enough for game.

This time you have 13 points. You need 25 for game and you know partner’s opening bid shows at least 12. Tell partner the good news and bid 4H immediately.

You have only 8 HCP so you are worth a minimum bid, that is all. You don’t have the four trumps you need for a fit, so bid 1NT. When you are weak, you want to keep the bidding as low as possible.

You are nearly good enough for game. You don’t have a fit, however, so again you will have to bid notrumps. Jump to 2NT to show 10-12 HCP.

You are definitely good enough for game. You don’t have a fit, however, so again you will have to bid notrumps. Jump to 3NT to show 13+ HCP.


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