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April 1, 2017
Responder’s Limit Bids
April 2, 2017

Responder Changes Suit

Sometimes, as responder, you will want to bid your own suit. This is especially true when you don’t have a major suit fit with partner and can’t make a Limit Bid.

  • When changing suit, you should keep the bidding as low as possible.
  • A change of suit is forcing.


Responder’s New Suit Bids – Don’t Jump!

Bidding a new suit shows 6+ HCP. If you change suit at the 2-level, you promise 10+ HCP but don’t go to the 2-level if you can show your suit at the 1-level. When you change suit the opener must bid again, so you’ll get the chance to show your strength on the next round.

If you are not strong enough to bid at the 2-level, and have no suitable bid at the 1-level, you can make a limit bid of 1NT = 6-9 HCP.

  • New suit at 1-level = 6+ HCP
  • New suit at 2-level = 10+ HCP

The same rules about the order in which you should bid your suits apply.

  • longest suit
  • lower available 4-card suit
  • higher-ranking 5-card suit

A change of suit is forcing which means partner should not pass.

You have plenty for game, but you would like to find a spade fit. Bid 1S. It is forcing, so partner won’t pass.

This time you’ve got two suits that you could show me. With two 4-card suits, bid the one you can at the lowest level, just as the opener does. On this hand your correct response is 1H.

Now you have two 5-card suits. With two 5-card suits bid the higher-ranking suit first, just as you would do for an opening bid.

You can’t bid 2C this time because partner opened 1S. Bidding a new suit at the 2-level shows 10+ HCP, so you shouldn’t bid your club suit with this hand. You have to respond 1NT. It’s better to respond 1NT with a weak unbalanced hand than it is to bid at the 2-level. You’ll get too high!


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    Is it better to keep bidding low or to jump in some way if the responder also has an opening hand? What happens when there is interference from the opponents and thus responder would need to go up another level? Do the rules apply then about having at least 10HCP to be at the 2 level to change suits?

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