April 1, 2014

Quantitative 4NT

After partner’s NT bid, a raise to 4NT is invitational, asking partner to bid 6NT or pass. It works in the same way that 1NT 2NT invites partner to game.

Invite to 6NT

Use the quantitative 4NT bid when you have a strong balanced hand and you’re not sure if your combined strength is enough for 6NT.

Typically you need 33 HCP to bid 6NT when you don’t have long suits to give you extra tricks. If you know you have 33 points between the two hands you can just bid 6NT, but if you are close to 33, you can use the quantitative 4NT. Partner will either pass with a minimum opener or bid 6NT with a good opener.

If you are wanting to ask for Aces after a NT bid you can use Gerber.

To ask for Aces when you are planning on playing in a suit contract use Blackwood

North opens 2NT to show 20-22 points and a balanced hand. South invites to slam with 4NT but North has a minimum 20 points and so passes.

South’s hand is the same but this time North has 22 points and is maximum for the 2NT opening. 6NT makes 6.


  1. Profile photo of subaru subaru says:

    Bid and made 6NT, but was concerned as no 1st or 2nd round stop in my clubs.

    Bidding System: 4 card majors, weak notrump, weak twos.
    W N E S
    – 2N P 4N
    P 6N P P

  2. Profile photo of sandra sandra says:

    what if you have 11 points and an unbalanced hand do you bid your longest suit first to establish the suit and then do Blackwood?

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