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May 24 2019 Progress +12.5
1 4 by EW -420 85.6%
May 23 2019 Progress -27
1 5 by NS 440 46.1%
Graybill wrote @tina Hi @ladygaga - if you want anyone to see your comment or question you have to put an "@" in front of their name and then they will get an email that you have addressed them
Tina wrote Hi, you have your settings wrong. Go to My Profile and edit your settings to weak 2s.
May 22 2019 Progress +14.6
1 3NT by NS 460 87.7%
lolli9 wrote @Tina why did hint tell me to bid 3h in response of 1NT? I did it and made 13 tricks, but don't understand the 3h bid when I would usually just straight to NT. Thanks
5 card majors, Weak 2 bids, Strong NT.
Tina wrote The 3H bid promises a 5-card suit and is forcing. Partner chooses between 4H and 3NT depending on the number of hearts in his hand.
May 21 2019 Progress -73.1
4 not completed