Did Somebody Say Poker?
May 31, 2018
Play Bridge | 06 06 2018 | Hand 1 | ♠AJ974 ♥Q9 ♦AQ64 ♣A9
June 6, 2018

Play trumps now or later?

Partner just keeps bidding spades, so 4 it is. Once you see partner’s cards, how do you plan your play?

Is there a way to minimize the sure losers?

Should you start with your trumps or save them for later?

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  1. ellswell says:

    Lead of diamonds 3 rounds enables stronger trump suit to be two suited, trumps & C. Draw trumps and with uneven split trumps in opponents hand, will loose 3 tricks to trump(2) and drawing AC(1), but leaves winning clubs and trumps tricks eventually.

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