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January 2, 2017
February 13, 2017


If our opponents bid first, it much less likely that we will get to game. This makes the rules for an overcall different to the rules for an opening bid.

  • Good 5-card suit at least
  • 2 of the top 4 honours in the suit
  • Points are not so important

When to Overcall

Just because the opposition have opened the bidding doesn’t mean you can’t bid. In fact, with the right hand, it’s good to enter the auction. You might get to play the hand, you can take up some of the opposition’s bidding space and you can suggest a lead to partner.

Unlike an opening bid, points don’t matter so much. A good 5-card suit is the key. A good rule of thumb is two of the top four honours in the suit. Also, you indicate a good lead to partner because you promise a good suit.

It’s not a strong hand but spades would make a good trump suit, you take up opponents’ bidding space and, if you end up defending, partner will know to lead a spade.

Responding to an Overcall

If your partner overcalls, you shouldn’t get too excited about bidding. Remember, an overcall shows a good suit, not a good hand.

Unless you have a good fit with partner, you are better to pass. Don’t change suit, just because you don’t have a fit. Partner might not have one with you either and you could get too high.

But, if you do have a fit, it’s good to support partner. 3-card support will be enough, because partner is showing a 5-card suit.

Partner has shown five spades. Don’t bid your diamond suit, you can support your partner as you have 8 trumps between you.

You have the same hand but no fit this time. You have to pass. Don’t bid 2D, partner might not have any. If you dont have a fit, it is best to stay as low as possible.


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    The bidding goes…. 1D 1H 1S.
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