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Trap Pass

After East overcalls 2♣, we would give to be able to place a penalty double. But we can't because partner would think it is a negative double.

With a trap pass, however, there might still be a way we can end up with a 2♣X contract. Watch the video to learn how.

Trap Pass in Bridge

What do you do?

Bid 2NT
Bid 3♣
Though we'd love to place a penalty double here, if we doubled it would be a negative double and would ask partner to bid a suit. The best we can do is to pass and hope for partner to bid a negative double which we can then pass.

Thank you @angelabee for asking this fantastic question.

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Who has ever made one kind of double and partner thought it was a different kind? We'd love to hear your stories as well as any questions about trap passes below.


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