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Trap Pass

After East overcalls 2♣, we would give to be able to place a penalty double. But we can't because partner would think it is a negative double.

With a trap pass, however, there might still be a way we can end up with a 2♣X contract. Watch the video to learn how.

Trap Pass in Bridge

What do you do?

Bid 2NT
Bid 3♣
Though we'd love to place a penalty double here, if we doubled it would be a negative double and would ask partner to bid a suit. The best we can do is to pass and hope for partner to bid a negative double which we can then pass.

Thank you @angelabee for asking this fantastic question.

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Who has ever made one kind of double and partner thought it was a different kind? We'd love to hear your stories as well as any questions about trap passes below.


JBrown says:
I always enjoy your videos especially this one as I have been in that situation and not quiet sure what to do.
Thank you!
jmplm says:
my monthly payment only gets me 4 hands repeatedly, iexpect more variety.Please explain. jmplm
Elfe says:
I answer 2NT, weil make 3NT
sara19 says:
I passed, when partner X asking me to bid, I passed again. Made 1300.
bala1954 says:
I bid 2NT - not for a clearly articulable reason, other than beat the alternatives. Passing may have been just fine though:)
I bid 2nt showing block in suit bid, partner bid 3. Made 4 with finesse of diamonds staying with the 9.
lisa19 says:
I bid 2nt thing clubs were a michaels cue bid and pass was too low
featherp says:
I’ve read about this in the past, but never done it!
As south I passed. Ptn, north doubled. Contract 2clubs doubled down for 800 pts to us.
EnnaSarp says:
I bid 2NT and ended up at 3NT. Kept 6, which I thought was straightforward when West led a heart. Took the lead with the Ace from hand, and played 9 of Diamonds allowing it go with the intention of getting an extra trick in Diamonds. Queen of East scored. East then played a small club, played small from hand, which scored, noting void with West, entered dummy with hearts, scored balance diamonds, then scored everything else, as clubs were discarded from hand as well as by East. Only difference to the outcome would have been if West had led a Spade, in which case, I would have anyway ducked even two rounds. Even then, I would have lost only 2 spade tricks and one diamond trick. With such a hand and with partners opening bid, why should I pass? It may be misconstrued. Playing is more fun than defending, isn't it?
Asset1 says:
Asset 1.I bid 2nt and partner went to 3NT. I made 4,great hand.
Thank you for the lesson in doubling,more points I guess.
Oma115 says:
I have never done the trap pass, but I certainly like the concept. I am anxious to do the trap pass someday. Thanks
Edgar says:
Took me a while to figure this one out. Brilliant !!! Thank you (member ????) Edgar
Ferryfan says:
I bid 2NT and partner 3NT. Made 9 tricks, 400 points
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