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From Orlando: Slam muddle

You have a great hand and a fantastic partner. Still, sometimes one just gets confused. What should you do when you just don't know what your partner's bid means?

Slam muddle in Bridge

How would you respond to partner's 4NT bid?

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Graeme and Tina are still friends, right guys? Right? Right?!?!?!

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tahora says:
On my system I would expect my partner to call 4 clubs and 5 clubs ace and king asking when the last call is no trumps. I use Roman key card 4NT asking when the last call is in a suit contract.
The 4NT bid says go to slam 6NT if you are maximum
22Lulu75 says:
Ace asking ?
granann says:
ace asking prefer S as p supported them and p can still bid 6nt if they wish!
hujar says:
[ bid 5d partner went 5s so i went 6s making
hujar says:
just watched your video so happy with this
Bouncer says:
Ace asking , perhaps ,perhaps ,perhaps !
Quantative bid. I have 1ace, therefore bid 5D.
I went straight 6 nt - I read 4nt as indicating that north had hearts and clubs under control - I have got the other suits but would I have bid at a tournament?
I bid 6nt - reason I read the 4nt as telling me Í can look after hearts and clubs - if you got diamonds and spades well covered lets go for it!. 6nt makes easily - concede the heart ace early and all 12 tricks follow quite naturally.
vals says:
5 diamonds - one ace to support partner then leave it up to her/ him .
simste says:
I assume that the 4NT bid after 3NT was an invitation to go to a slam with a maximum point hand. I would bid 6NT and pray.
As my C stop wasn't very good, I hedged my bets by bidding 6S and let partner bid 6NT.
cookespot says:
We play Roman Keycard Blackwood 1430so the 4NT would be asking in respect of spades and our answer would be 5S - two keyscards, AD and K of Spades + Q of Spades too. If no suits mentioned then 4NT asks if maximum go to six if minimum pass.
Zippy says:
With my long time partner, we agree that when we're in game but one of us has "at least king better" than we've shown so far, the way to communicate that is a bid past game. This bid says: 1) if you have "at least king better" than you've shown also, let's go to slam. 2) (Denies having "at least 2 kings better".) 3) If not, then let's not. 4) and if it's NT, then it implies no suit features other than those shown already.
In this case (I have not played the hand or looked at the other hands) I would take N as having at least 4 hearts, at least 3 spades to an honor (or 4 little), no other good suit to mention, and 15 - 17 points. Since I do have more than "king better" than I've shown, I'm going to 6.
If my partner opens & I had 3 aces and suit support, I would be sorely tempted to jump shift at my first bid. Since N did not, I would bid as if we were missing one.
In my very simple system for teaching kids to play "social bridge", I use the terms "king better" or "king less" a ton. Much easier for novices to remember than 7, 10, 13, 16 etc..
loulla says:
Six nt will make. Wish me luck. Such a variety to thoughts on here.
wandad says:
I asked 4C went to 6 S partner corrected to 6 NT which made
muriel says:
4NT Quantitative, doesn't feel need to ask for aces, so must have cover/stops and plenty of points. 6NT, go for it!
MrsH says:
I agree with @muriel ...My guess is quantitative so yeah, go for it
I simply took it as a demand bid for slam...either 6S or 6NT
Ellswell says:
Funny playing it, responding as blackwood 5D, North bales out with response to 5S, when South goes back King asking 5NT, the 6D response by North has South reverting to 6S, North then comes back to 6NT. Asking for Aces and Kings, the responses seemed to throw doubt with each asker reverting to spades suit. Wasn't one player taking control. In saying that preferred long winded way, but I'm always akin to a story hey @Tina
I thought 6NT which made of course..I remember Graeme often saying 4NT asking for slam if good enough
A clue in the question? Slam bid. Too many aces short for nt so would bid 6 spades & hope to trump in.
Played the hand now. I opened 2 spades, ptn bid 6 nt, which made.
tessybear says:
I bid 6NT from the 4NT bid, but of course, I am not in a tournament, so no sweat. It made easy.
Marilyn says:
The 4 N/T means go to slam if you have extra points {max|
SalRocha says:
Like Hujar's recommendation of going to 5 d so that the bidding is not passed out too early
IvaM says:
6NT is a easy play, I also tried 6S’s not so good.
Bouncer says:
Thanks Tina ,Graeme and everyone else,what a great informative discussion
suejo says:
Suejo responded 5S and we made 6. Suejo used Roman Key Cards as they understood the 4NT bid to be use of that convention and when we played it , it DID come up BLUE !!!! which shows the use of a convention (either Blackwood or Roman Key Cards)
Helen says:
I took it as a quantitative 4NT, inviting me to bid 6NT with a better-than-average hand or sign off if my hand lacked features. As Graeme had shown hearts, my singleton HJ was worth its one point, so with a nice-looking hand anyway, I bid the slam. However, if I had actually been at the table in Orlando, I am pretty sure I would have been mesmerised and then done something wildly off-beam. Thank you Tina & Graeme; your reports from the battle-field have been a sheer delight!
kendmonty says:
Asking for aces
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