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Penalty Pass

West opens the bidding and partner places a takeout double, telling us to choose a different suit.

But West's suit is also our best suit - we don't want to choose a different suit! What should we do?

Penalty Pass in Bridge

After partner's double, what do you do?

Bid 1NT
Bid 2♣
Bid 2
Though diamonds are our best suit, we don't want to bid 2. West would have a field day! The best solution is to ignore partner's request and simply pass. (God bless you jokers who selected "Redouble")

Thank you to our esteemed Royal member @Edgar for sending in this hand. We're so pleased to have you in the club.

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As everyone plays the daily hands, let's look for any other hands that call for a penalty pass. Questions of comments?


aqvakul says:
pass, with 6 diamonds and short in the majors there is no big contract.
Nelram says:
Pass. Number of cards+honors in this suit (10 counts as an honor) +level of contract =/>9. This hand 6+2+1. I played it and got 800!
EnnaSarp says:
Bid 2 D and kept 5. Gave away only Ace and another Diamond. Spade finesse worked twice. Scored King of Clubs by playing low from hand, and discarded other club losers on Hearts and Spades, but had to give away to Jack of Diamonds. Wonder what would have happened if I had bid 5D!!!
One of the jokers!!!
Delta says:
Surprised with your recommendation, so I'll have to think more deeply about it. Partner could've had massive points. Having been chastised in the past for passing a similar hand, I bid 1 NT and made 8. Really appreciate this site. Thanks guys
When I play bridge I ask the question whether I or my partner should be in control of the auction. In this instance south should take control for you have all the information you need. Clearly West and South hold most of the diamonds. North must have an opening hand and one would expect that North would have the other three suits covered - the only question is whether or not North has sufficient control in the other suits to make 3nt a realistic option. You also know that slam is not on for otherwise North would have made a suit bid. So you are faced with two options: pass or bid 3nt. The reason for 3nt bid is that you know game is not on in any f the three other suits and you do not want to risk getting caught in an auction where you end up playing game in one of the other suits. So if 3nt is your preferred contract then bid it. You will find that 3nt makes and scores you 600 ,but....1 diamond doubles nets 800! So the pass is the best bid.
JBrown says:
Thank you guys I have always wanted to know how to handle that bid.
Dcsk says:
I passed but the 3NT is an interesting one
I’ll try it
Dcsk says:
3NT makes !
Hi.does the decision change for acol players. The system I learnt, 5 card majors. 1D/C shows longest suit 12+ points. Diamonds could be 3 or 4. I do get confused as you can see.
jlpurdie says:
Thanks Graeme. I can remember playing something similar many years ago when my mother was teaching me bridge. I passed and Mum told me off as it was a take out double. The opposition smiled. When they went down the opposition told me off as I should have bid as it was a take out double. Mum smiled.
Gesher says:
Not helpful!West opened 1NT, so cant really practice the penalty x!
I was confused, because I play weak NT so W opens 1NT and Partner's X is a penalty anyway. But it does show a lot of HCPs.
So once I'd de-confused myself, I tried Pass, 2, 3 and 5 and 5 got the best result - game bid & made.
Passed . N/ S scored 800
Passed. E/W ended up in 1NTX and made their seven tricks.
A bid similar to this caused ructions at my club recently & certain players were adamant that the double had to be adhered to, & the doubles ptn ( me) had to takeout. I did then what I would do now, & passed. The takeout double passed becomes a penalty double.
Just played the hand for a score of 1100. To us. The bidding went - west. 1 diamond. Ptn. Double. All else passed.
None of your's. Would preempt with 3 Dimonds
quesera says:
What do I bid if West’s diamond is short?
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