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Shift jump bid

When you are responding, when should you jump a level higher?

HappyBug asked us to talk about when to use jump bids and jump shift bids. Thank you for the fantastic question, HappyBug! This is an important question for partnerships to discuss to make sure they are on the same page. How many points to you need to jump a level with your response?

Watch the video to hear Graeme explain what these bids are and when you might want to bid a jump bid or a jump shift bid.

Watch the video

In this hand, partner opens the bidding, East overcalls, and we have to respond how to respond. We have a nice spade suit and a good hand. Is this a hand you would want to bid 1♠ or jump a level and bid 2♠?

Jump shift bid in Bridge

This is also a fun hand to play. 12 tricks are possible playing in 3NT if you plan how you can get back and forth between the hands. How did you manage?

After partner opens 1 and East overcalls 1, how do you respond?

Bid 1♠
Bid 2♠
Something else
Thank you for voting! Leave a comment below explaining when you decide to place a jump bid.


cadbury says:
When partner bid clubs after my 2 spade I bid 3 NT which I madr
zeke10077 says:
I know that this wasn't what this was about, but I choose to make a negative takeout in this situation, of which partner responded 5C. I have no clue why he did this, but I made the contract.
Flint says:
I though 2 spades was too obvious.
katfraley says:
With 2 opening hands, game is somewhere. I’d bid 2 spades and explore from there.
Ramjag1 says:
Many players are playing that a "jump" bid by Responder on his/her first bid is Weak. Go slow with good hands.
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