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Double Finesse

Here is a fun hand we can play to practice our finessing. We end up with a 4♠ contract. Let's look through the suits, one by one.

We're not going to lose any hearts. We're not going to lose and clubs.

I might end up losing two diamond tricks.

And I'm missing some important spades - we could lose two spade tricks as well!

Let's tackle the spade suit straight away. If west has three spades, there is nothing we can do about losing two spades. Let's play a small spade - but which should we play?

Double Finesse in Bridge

With this hand, we get to learn about the double finesse. Even if the first finesse loses, look what happens! That double finesse has become a single finesse.

Did you spot how this might give us the best chance to make our contract? Leave a comment below.


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