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Bridge is easy!

Alright, team. Huddle up. Coach Graeme is here for a pep talk. Sure, there are hands that will knock you down into the mud. You won't want to get up. Maybe you'll even wanna walk off the field. But don't let those hands get you down. You're tougher stuff than that! Just remember that, most of the time, bridge can actually be... wait for it... easy.

Let's remember the fundamentals. Playing in a suit contract? Just draw trumps and then set up long suit.

And, don't worry about those top scores! You don't have to swing for the fences when you're aiming for consistency.

Bridge is easy in Bridge

Let's practice the Losing Trick Count. Count your potential losers. How many do you and partner have?


After you answer the poll, watch the video and play the hand.


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