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Ask for aces to avoid bidding slam

If you've been playing here at Sky Bridge Club for awhile, you've probably heard Graeme explain why he thinks asking for aces is often a waste of time.

Rather than using Blackwood or Gerber to figure out if you should bid slam, you'd be better off using it as a tool to find out when you shouldn't bid slam.

Ask for aces to avoid bidding slam in Bridge

Partner opens the bidding showing hearts so we have a heart fit. With such a strong hand and a singleton diamond, we might want to bid up to slam.

How many aces partner has might determine if we can bid slam (or even grand slam). Or, most importantly, it can tell us if we should avoid bidding slam.

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Maur says:
Very good Graeme
dogwood says:
Didn't bid spades. Ended up in6 clubs. Made after spade lead. Lucky!
couldn't get video to play but ace asked, stopped at 5 hearts ,and made 5 . presume there weren't 6 since two aces missing.
smm162 says:
This is a really good tip. I never thought of it this way. Thanks.
diannej says:
That works really well. Thanks for the tip.
JBrown says:
A very enjoyable video, thank you!
When N bid 5 Clubs, I was hoping to go on to slam, but bid 5 Hearts to see what North would do. He passed. We made the 5 Hearts easily, losing only the 2 Aces. I did not ask for Aces as we got beyond the point to ask.
johngeep says:
4 H rebid too week, 5 H says it all (strong and H support) Computer decided 6 C. Made 12 by discarding diamonds on 3 spade leads
johngeep says:
Oops missed a bid for explanation. Bids 1H 3C, 4C 5H, 6C.....spade leads safe based on probable opponent distribution
OldDog says:
Finding only one Ace proved useful Thanks
Ted80 says:
With at least 30 points, used Gerber, missing 2 Aces, bid 4 H, made 5.
Bid 4D splinter. When partner signs off in 4H bid 4NT. Then when partner replies 5D you can sign off in 5H. Same result but more accurate description of your hand.
Is this bidding using 5 card majors?
Thanks Graeme
I always play this way with my normal partner, that is ace asking to see if a slam is on or not. It is easier in a major to bow out in 5 of that major if we are 2 aces missing. The problem arises when bidding in a minor suit, as it is difficult to bow out in 5 of a minor, especially if bidding clubs and partner bids 5 diamonds to show one ace, we are then already above 5 clubs. So the only bow out then is to bid 5NT. You have to have an agreement with partner and trust your partner.
Ask for aces and stop at 5H
Ask for aces and stop at 5H
Best bet — play 6NT— could go down, but does not!
EnnaSarp says:
When the partner started bidding, slam was a possibility, holding such a strong hand. Played twice. First time bid clubs, and when partner supported, asked for aces through Blackwood, and despite only one ace, had no option but to bid 6 clubs. Kept 6 clubs as West led a spade, allowing me to discard all losing diamonds by continuing spades. Pulled trumps and scored all hearts thereafter, giving away only for the club ace. The second time, it was different. Responded to partner's opening bid with spades and still ended on clubs, but this time East had to lead and led diamond ace, making one down, giving away for the diamond ace and club ace.
Enjoyed video. Very helpful!
mef64 says:
tried 6 Clubs. worth a punt
Great tip. Played spades and diamonds out then clubs . Made 6 clubs. Would like to get the opportunity to use this soon!,
Can make 6H but took more than one try
loulla says:
Partner took me to six hearts and could only make eleven.
loulla says:
Partner took me to six hearts and could only make eleven.
valeriea says:
Thanks a lot T, G, and B. I now need remember to use Blackwood to avoid bidding Slam.
A1leen123 says:
Grahame, You are the Gratest Bridge Teacher of all time
A1leen123 says:
My praises also go to Tina and Bajir
ElizaKaye says:
I only bid to 4h after going 4c asking for aces. The opposition threw away the ace of clubs therefore making 12 tricks
I wanted to stop in 5H, but North was having none of it and went to 6H. Ended up losing to both of the offside aces but won the other tricks. Down one.
Collar says:
Played in 5 hearts. Left clubs till last. Made the contract
tui says:
Agree with Collar
tui says:
Thanks Graeme
tui says:
Thanks Graeme
A1leen123 says:
Many Thanks, Bajir !
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