• As usual Sarah didn’t really know what she was doing. However, she did prevent the opposition from gaining the contract on what was quite a low auction. I think I am improving!

  • EW 2NT they made 8! Not experienced enough to know how to prevent them achieving their contract.

  • transwoman posted a new activity comment 3 months ago

    Hi. By playing your cards any differently could you have made your contract please? Or was how you played them the best you could do? Thanks.

  • @nigel1956 Hi Nigel. I too have just recently started to learn Bridge. So far I feel I have at least learned something about bidding. I joined a local club’s beginners lessons but unfortunately they are over half way through and am finding it difficult to catch up. The teachers, who aren’t the most patient have to tailor their instruction to those…

    • Thank you for the post. Think I have got the initial bidding in my head. But over calling needs some thought!! I am trying to keep things simple !!

  • Not very often that I manage to win a hand. Maybe underbid? Bid 4H made 5. However, what do the “4 card major”, “weak notrumps”, “strong twos”, etc. mean please? Many thanks.

  • My learning is going extremely slowly. A question at this stage might just help my progress. When you pick up your hand of dealt cards and have sorted them into suits what are the next thought processes please? Many thanks.

  • transwoman posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    @tina Hi. This is a very basic question but nowhere can I find an understandable explanation of what is meant by “Game Level”. Please can you help?

    • @transwoman
      Good question and you are correct! I need to add to the first lesson.
      If you bid game, you get a huge bonus, but you need to bid to a certain level at least.
      That is 3NT or 4H, 4S or 5C, 5D.
      If you bid less than these contracts, you don’t get the big score. Usually you need about 25 points between the 2 hands.
      Hope this is helpful.

  • transwoman posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    @graeme Please bear in mind my inexperience and the need to clarify my understanding of a situation. On the web page http://skybridgeclub.com/learn/bridge-bidding-auction/ it shows various hands. The 2nd hand shows N) 1 heart, E) pass, S) 2 clubs, so is S) telling N) they would like to have clubs as trumps?
    Similarly, on the 3rd hand N) bids 1…

    • Hi @transwoman, you got it! There are sorts of subtle messages that get passed back and forth and you’ll pick up more as you go along. But you’ve got the idea of it now, for sure. Have you played some hands on the site yet? You can ask a question after any hand and that way we can see exactly what you’re asking about.