• Easy 3NT. South double opening 1S by East, North responds 3C , E passes and South closes bidding with 3NT.
    Spade lead and East either takes Ace, King or leads back Diamond . Plain sailing from there.

  • Opening second time round over 2hearts by east, played 3 clubs going 1 off but that’s much better than the potential 4 spades by east. Can’t see why they were so timid as contract easily makeable . You need to gamble a bit and stretch yourself or you’ll always be middle of the table, rarely top!

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    Never believed in 2c open on hand of 20 points or more. Open 2 NT and partner MUST reply a minimum 3NT unless holding 8 or more points in which case you go looking for slam via Blackwood (4c) progressive. Been using it successfully for 25 years!