• Very interesting that you have to duck two rounds of spades. That is gambling on both that Ace clubs will be in West and that the split will be 5 3 so West can’t lead back spades when he gets in. Play it that way and you make 10. Don’t and you make 8, at least as far as I can see. Not an easy one to see.

  • To make 4 lead the ten of spades from south. West goes up with the king. Get back to south and lead a spade again. Ace beats the jack. Two hearts and ace of clubs have to lose so it’s all about finessing the king and jack of spades from south.

  • ACtually making 5D is easy. You have to lose 2 Aces. It all comes down to the king of spades. Get to north and play the queen. If East has the king you make it (which it does)

  • Surely the correct first bid from south is 3D not 2D? You jump bid with 16 points after partner opens.
    Also the computer suggested 5NT after only one Ace was shown in Blackwood. That must be a mistake? You can only ask for kings if you have all the aces.
    Good hand though.

  • I can’t see how to make 6. East has 5 spades over south’s 5 spades. I keep getting left with 8 of spades to east’s 9 spades at the end

  • I’m also interested to know why (playing Acol) a second round bid of 2 spades gets the computer excited enough to jump directly to 6NT. As it happens I made 7 as both the diamond and heart finesses work but I’m still interested to know.
    All I (and I assume many others) are doing is showing a second suit since partner doesn’t like my suit and I…

  • Making 11 is actually easy. You have 3 potential losers. Ace of clubs and 2 spades. There are no losers in hearts or diamonds. Once the Ace and king of clubs go down early it leaves the queen of clubs in north as a winner. You can discard a losing spade on that (draw trumps first), so just 2 losers and make 11

  • When East leads a diamond South needs to go low hoping East is leading away from the queen, which he is. That way you only lose 4 tricks.
    East opened 1NT, which means that it has 12-14 points, meaning west has only 5-7.

  • There’s no way East wouldn’t show his 9 Hearts when his partner opens. I think there needs ot be a look at the computer’s bidding on this one!

  • North should open 2 hearts if playing strong 2 opening. 8 – 9.5 winners and you can open 2. North has 8 winners.

  • Making 11 in 3NT turns out to be easy, as long as EW play out Aces of Clubs and Diamonds first. That leaves you with 3 diamond winners, 2 club winners and 6 heart winners. Spades are irrelevant. They never get played.

  • Having played this out a few times I see that making 13 tricks is incredibly easy. The secret is to win the first trick with the Ace of hearts and then to play a heart back to be trumped by south. That is the only way to get to south’s spades winners. The rest is easy.

  • In my book this is 2 club opening from North.
    My rules say that a strong 2 in spades, hearts or diamonds does not have to be only a points bid and means: “a high quality 6 card suit plus 8-9.5 tricks”
    2 clubs does not always have to mean 23 points. It can also mean “10 potential tricks or more in your own hand”.
    Unless there is a 3-0 split in…

  • Interesting hand to play. If you aren’t careful (I wasn’t first time) you can easily go down. You have to be careful about being able to get back to North. Play the K hearts early and lose a club to the king not the queen. That makes sure you have two leads to winners in north (Ace diamonds or Queen clubs ) and you can then run 5 hearts in north.

  • Called and made 6. Here’s my thinking: partner jump raises and shows a suit you have 4 cards in including the ace. You should have at least 31 points between you and you have found your suit. I would go straight to 4NT and see if partner has one ace or two. He/she shows one.

    In my book you can’t then ask for kings. You can only do that…

  • I play that to open 2C with a distributional hand you need 10 winners in your hand. South has 8.5. So open 2 diamonds not 2 clubs.
    A response of 2NT to a strong 2 opening means “I have one maybe 2 winners for you” in my book. That means 3NT should be easy.
    As it happens making 11 wasn’t a problem in 3NT

  • How can anyone make more than 2 spades. West leads clubs, East wins two of them and then returns hearts which they win three of.
    I don’t see how the computer is playing differently for others? I lose 5 tricks before I get in. Called and made 2 but interested how anyone does better

  • I replayed as North. With 7 Hearts and 11 points after partner opens 1 Diamond I would jump to 2 hearts rather than the 1 heart the computer suggests. That shows partner real strength. Partner shows support in hearts at which point I would jump to Blackwood. 6 Hearts is solid. It all comes down to north jumping in Hearts in response to…

  • I’m not sure the computer knows how to double for penalties at the end of the bidding? It was surely for North to double again?

  • If West has the lead (so South playing the contract in 4S) it makes. If East has the lead (with North playing the contract) it goes down. I played 4S as south. West led AH then another heart. Then all they could possibly win was AK of diamonds.

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