• Jearl. 3NT was made because of two discarding errors by West. East lead AD followed by a small club which I let run to the QC. I lead QD taken by East’s KD with West throwing 3H, his first error. Here West decided to unblock the clubs by leading KC under AC. I lead a small heart and played AH KH which dropped the QH. The finesse would have worked…

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  • Made a cheeky 1H overcall as partner had passed. Opponents avoided No Trumps and ended in 5D which they made comfortably, but with a score of only 400. A good outcome.

  • Playing as East, 3NT is worth a try and makes easily.

  • Made 10 tricks in hearts. After defence took a diamond trick and two club tricks they lead a club which allowed a ruff and discard of the QS. Played AS and another spade ruffing low with both K and J falling. Ruffed a diamond. Lead top spade which West ruffed, then North over ruffed with East unable to ruff. Played a diamond ruffed with the K and…

  • South’s hand is too strong for 2D. Rather double, which allows partner to choose the suit. Changing the suit to diamonds after his bid is a way of showing stronger than an opening hand. (There was a video on this point). In my case partner put in a four clubs bid which I thought was high enough, although some bid and made five.

  • Made 11 tricks on first try and then 12 tricks on second try after the tip from @dharmvirhanda. Ruff the opening spade lead and give away a diamond. Cross ruff diamonds and spades and then lead out last three hearts. East is squeezed in clubs and diamonds and bares his KC. Cross to the AC and dummy’s clubs take the rest.

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    Yes you are right. However, I add distribution first then subtract if I don’t get a fit (positive thinking). Also, there is an alternative point count system which adds one point for each card length over 4. That way North has at least two for distribution.

  • Nothing wrong with Acol. North has 4 high card points and 3 for distribution. He has to bid. South could have up to 19 points so a game in spades is quite possible and in fact makes in this case.

  • Suzie, I think the key is to ruff the opening club lead, keeping the AC for later. I then lead a heart to the JH which held. Hoping for a 2-2 heart break at this point I played the AH then 8H throwing spades, taken by the QH in East hand. Hoping for diamonds to break I discarded spades from now on. East lead a club which I took with the Ace. I…

  • Made 11 tricks after a diamond lead taken in dummy. Lead the QH for a heart finesse which failed, but the 9H provided an entry in dummy to take the AC. No way to avoid the spade loser, so made 11 tricks.
    The only way i could think of to make 12 tricks was to lead towards the QH hoping that West would play low. I tried this but West put up the…

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  • @banksia9 enjoy, and thanks for all your helpful comments.
    My partner opened a weak no-trump and as I had one point there seemed a likelihood that EW would have a game. I put in a 2S bid and was surprised to be left in it. West lead AH and a diamond. Played for the QD to be in West’s hand. East took the AD and the A and K of clubs and lead QH to…

  • To make 12 tricks, win the Ace of diamonds then draw trumps. With nine trumps play for the Queen to drop ending in dummy. Then ruff dummy’s last diamond. Then play clubs. West wins the Ace and cannot lead a diamond because that is a “double void” and will allow you to discard a losing heart in declarer’s hand. West should lead a club, but if he…

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  • Made 3NT.
    Took the diamond lead in hand (North) then tried the losing spade finesse. West lead a diamond which I had to take in dummy. Now I played the remaining spades, throwing away clubs. Hoping for the heart Queen to drop I played the Ace and King, but no luck. Played the Jack anyway which West took with the Queen and East played the Ten. My…

  • Played 2D first time making 11 tricks. Surely North’s second bid 1S, 1NT, 2D shows only an opening hand. He has 19 points which he has failed to show. Better is 1S, 1NT, 3D, 3NT which made easily as it turned out.

  • Because my partner opened 1D the opponent opened with a heart in 3NT. Playing low twice in hearts leaving us in dummy with the heart jack. A club towards the king brought out the ace, and after a spade switch taken in hand followed by the club king, all the clubs were good. Made 10.

  • I played 3NT in the South hand and had a diamond lead to the King. Then my keyboard let me down and led a diamond! East won with the Jack and chose to lead a heart, giving me 11 tricks.

  • A belated comment, but congratulations on the new layout. However I find the Hand 1 scores hard to read compared with the old version.

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