• EW 3H, down 1
    N Opening Lead: SK

    I was pleased with a couple of decisions on defense. Probably pretty obvious, but encouraging to do something on defense with a purpose (even something obvious) rather than just throwing cards out there or blindly following rules.

    — Usually I hold on to an Ace of trumps, but this time I took the first heart…

  • 4H, made 10 first time

    It took a couple of times to figure 11 out. Give them their diamond and spade and then cross-ruff.

    I finally realized that with our strong hearts – and with 8 diamonds and 9 clubs out – we should be safe from overruffing if we used up our little hearts in North early. And spades had only the one vulnerable heart in…

  • @robertmanner

    Hi robertmanner

    I was confused, too. “East played a club to the Jack.” I was slow to realize that this means that Declarer East played West’s low club and took it with her Jack. Then she played her Club Ace and North played his King. So at this point we know we had 3 clubs, dummy we can see had 3, and we now know North had 2 or…

  • I was so disappointed not to find a way to get that 11th club.
    Don%u2019t Worry, Be Happy!


  • @tina

    Hi Tina,

    I took a few bridge lessons last summer from a local fellow who was old school. He said he didn’t like weak notrump (even 15-17) because “You can get into too much trouble that way.” I have often wondered what he meant, as I thought that as long as you knew what partner was showing, you would be OK.

    Now I am wondering if he…

  • @drroflstomp

    Nice, drroflstomp. I think it works even if you do pull the HK. I would have loved to have made 10 here!

    cc @zoomer2591

  • 3NT, 9 tricks
    West open: CA

    This must be one of the best hands I’ve played. Combination of decent decisions and good luck.

    I just didn%u2019t want to open clubs; I was suddenly tired of forcing things. So West bid clubs and partner said he had everything but clubs! When partner passed the uninspiring 1D, I went ahead to 3NT because of…

    It is not only bidding that can change the computer%u2019s play. It also depends on individual cards we play. Sometimes playing one or another equivalent card will make a difference; sometimes different cards that are close but not exactly equivalent. In this case, when I played D8 to overruff trick #3, East unaccountably…

  • EW 4S, made 12
    North open: H2


    I didn’t expect this post to be so long but as I wrote I started to see more of what I could have seen at the end. I stumbled into the right result (winning the last trick with my CQ) but it could have been much more fun.

    The distribution and the way the hand was played made it…

  • 7NT, made 6
    Opening lead: D7


    OMG! East threw off the H6 and I was so busy calculating that I didn’t even see it!! It doesn’t seem possible. At the end then, I kept a club and threw off the HT, “knowing” it would not be good. Then the HJ she played on my HQ turned out to be her last heart! Hard to believe.

    I’m going to try to…

  • @banksia9

    EW 4S, down 1
    North opening lead: Club, South took with CA


    Thanks for that bit of wisdom about playing a trump on Trick 2. Learning about a small play here, a small play there, can be very helpful.

    I returned C3 on Trick 2, which West took with the King. Then he played the C8 to be ruffed. Then he led the C7 from East, as…

  • EW 2S: down 4
    Opening lead: North HA


    I had a nice moment on Trick #7 where I figured out something simple on defense and knew what to do for a change.

    I had the Spade Ten left, and dummy had the 9. I had actually calculated at the start that West had the A-K-8-4-3, so knew my ST was good, and I also realized…

  • @wince

    Hi @wince

    Ways I have found to return to a hand:

    1) If you go to one of the SBC videos on YouTube and expand the info section, you’ll find links to the hand that is being discussed in the video.

    You can see only part of the URL, but if you click on the link and go to the hand, you will be able to see the whole URL and its structure…

    • Fantastic @ chance22…..Thanks for taking the time to explain, I well give it a go!
      What a Great CHANCE that you read my comment!! hahahha Thanks

  • 5H, made 11
    Opening: East, SA

    I’m not a big fan of sacrificing, but in duplicate, I gather, you have to do it. At my little bridge group it wouldn’t go over well at all. :-O

    Needless to say, I was delighted with North’s opening bid. I thought East’s bid was showing a weak hand (not the case), I knew we had 11 hearts and partner had opening…

  • @bajir

    Hi @Bajir

    Interesting question. I’m thinking that for the most part, people have to be themselves. Although striving for something that may work better isn’t a bad idea either.

    For me in this auction, for example, I simply could not bid 1D after partner’s 1C. I couldn’t make my fingers push that button, even though I thought it was…

  • 5H, down 2
    E opening lead: CT

    At least I learned something.

    After partner’s 3S, I felt that if I bid 3NT, we weren’t going to be able to get past it, and I thought maybe we should be in slam. So I went to Blackwood. With partner’s 5D response, I just wanted to bid 5NT and be done with it. It wasn’t until that very moment that I…

  • 3NT, made 10

    I feel good about the bidding decision here, to just go directly to 3NT. It makes me feel like I am making progress. The hint was for Stayman, but I thought, “What’s our chance of making a suit contract anyway? We both have balanced hands and, at best, borderline HCP.” So I went to 3NT with our 24-26 points.

    I think I was alert to…

  • EW 3S, down 1
    South lead: D2


    I started fooling around with South opening leads after reading the posts. Both the diamond and heart leads were able to keep EW to 8 tricks. But leading a club for some reason allowed EW to make 9.

    When I played as East, with the diamond lead from South, initially I…

  • 5C, made 12 tricks
    West opening: S4

    I went reluctantly with 5C instead of NT due to the awful diamond doubleton — plus it was hard to give up an unexpected fit with our beautiful clubs. But 5C was a stretch point-wise. North’s 2C bid indicated 6-9 points, so 17 9 = 26 at best. Point-wise, NT would seem like the better contract.

    And I wasn’t…

  • chance22 posted an update 1 month ago

    Just testing some things that I have to re-type onscreen, plus the suit symbols.

    dash –
    2 dashes –
    left right quotation “left, right”
    single quotation can’t


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