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January 4, 2016
February 15, 2016

My First Instinct

My First Instinct

This interesting question was sent in to us by Chris, aka Spungee, and we thought it’d be fun to open it up for discussion.

I have an interesting hand to bid today from club bridge, and wondered if it would be of interest to SBC to discuss. We play Standard American – 5 card majors. My partner opens 1, my RHO passes.

I bid 1. My LHO bids 1NT. My partner then bids 2 and my RHO passes.

My first instinct was to follow our conventions and show preference to her 5-card suit – and bid 2, but with only 6 combined hearts? If I bid 3 she would think I had at least 10 HCP and probably go to game in 3NT.

All thoughts welcome. I won’t tell you what I did and the outcome, or the other hands, at this stage!

Thank you, Chris, for sharing this fun question. If anyone else has a good trivia question or challenge hand, please send it our way! You can try making it using the Hand Creator and then tag @skybridgeclub in a comment after you play the hand.

This question is more about the bidding than the card play. If you’d like to bid it and play it yourself, you can do so here:


Leave a comment and be sure to share not just what you bid, but why you bid it!


  1. Profile photo of says:

    Have not yet played the hand, but I would bid 3C, with a view to play in 3NT or 5C counting my hand as worth 11 points (HCP plus distribution). Going to play hand now and see how it goes.

  2. Profile photo of unixman unixman says:

    OK I dont play Standard I actually bid 3 clubs in response to my partners opener. Left bids 3 spades Partner doubles I pass they are off 4. Partner leads Ac I discard the 3 which in our system would as for a switch it can only be diamonds i want partner cashes the ad I ditch they continue with kd I dump the heart …away it goes off 4 doubled 800 to us

  3. Profile photo of corarossi corarossi says:

    i would bid 3c like most of the others

  4. Profile photo of newbra newbra says:

    3c and if partner bids 3NT I would bid 4c. We might have na easy 5c

  5. Profile photo of rjb1966 rjb1966 says:

    I would have bid 2 C in the first place

  6. Profile photo of davstevens davstevens says:

    We bid 2/1, so the bidding would be different: 1H-P-1NT*-Dbl?-2D-P-3C-P-3NT-P-P-P. *1NT forcing 1 round. In this bidding I would bid either 3C or 4C, depending on whether the fourth suit is still forcing to game after the 1NT interference. If it is I would bid 4C; if not, 3C. Partner would raise to game or not, depending on his or her hand. Here, 3NT or 5C would make.

  7. Profile photo of kalynpress kalynpress says:

    I bid 2NT figured my partner had stoppers in my 2 unbid suits IE Diamonds & hearts Partner took me to 3NT I was nervous but made it easily by running clubs and ducking the 1st round when they played Spades leaving my Ace as a blocker

  8. Profile photo of paulhoop paulhoop says:

    I would show my clubs but not play in No Trump due to possible transportation problems.

  9. Profile photo of dianeg1128 dianeg1128 says:

    Instead of responding 1S to partner’s opening bid, I would have gone immediately to 3C, a pre-empt. If opener went to NT, I’d rebid the C. If he bid anything else, I’d pass.

  10. Profile photo of rjb1966 rjb1966 says:

    I agree.3T would have been the best bid.

  11. Profile photo of cheri cheri says:

    I would go to 5 clubs.

    Wouldn’t responding 3C be considered a jump shift as a response, rather than a preemptive bid?

  12. Profile photo of johnbain johnbain says:

    Gut feeling – 4 clubs – let’s see how it goes!

  13. Bid 3 clubs and start telling the TRUTH in your bidding. A 7 card broken suit headed by the 8 is worth 7 points. Downgrade the King to 2, upgrade the 10 to 2 and upgrade the 9 to 1.
    So you have a 12 point club holding and a 4 point (if that spade holding!) Your Ace has a basic of 3 points with 1 spare to help another spade become a trick. Which of the 5 3 2 do you suggest the Ace of spades is going to help flower into a trick? None! So its only a 3 point ace (be generous and call it 3 1/2. Are you serious bidding a 3 1/2 point spade suit before a 12 point club suit……? anyway too late so bid 3 clubs NOW

  14. Profile photo of joefawcett joefawcett says:

    Interesting hand. Partner has shown a limited two suiter, they should double 1NT for penalties with 16 points or more, maybe even 15 with a good lead so they probably have a 5-5 12 or 13 count, they didn’t have to bid after all and so should pass with poor opener with no extra shape. Given that, I would just hope to escape unscathed in 2H. 3NT seems to require a doubleton club in partner’s hand and some luck, your ace of spades entry won’t be around for long. Perhaps I’ll be lucky and partner will be six-five in the reds.

  15. Profile photo of dyadoiv dyadoiv says:

    Lets I leave comment, how its my vision abt.
    The respond bid sould be 3C- weak.. Clubs are more worth and points corresponds to weak2.
    If prd continue wth the 3 D, after tbe LHOs bid 1 NT- thats clrar Sygnal to reach Game contract in 3 NT.
    ….But we got hier another Situation and Question.
    As I see- the Dilema is: Will be wrong Contract of 3 NT, after 2d bid of 3Cs and prd went to 3 NT?
    In 50- 50% – Yes, because we dont know strenth of the hand of prd. He cld be with min Hand and just trying to find Fit. ( the bid of NT by opp have to consider)
    My suggestion: Bid 2NT. This also is forcing, showing u stopper in S and its giving to prd the oportunkty to deside: Contract game or not. This make to awoid to pushing prd to game, if he is not able to do.

  16. Profile photo of joanhunter joanhunter says:

    I am learning the game and really don’t know what to bid with hand Very interesting

  17. Profile photo of jan2bridge jan2bridge says:

    I made the mistake of bidding 2C. Partner thought I had at least 20 points. He bid 3D which left me to bid 3NT. .Only made 6 tricks.

  18. Profile photo of jcjr1000 jcjr1000 says:

    What did you bid Spungee??? Jcjr

  19. Profile photo of jcjr1000 jcjr1000 says:

    What is the right answer??

  20. Profile photo of mosey mosey says:

    I would go 2 NT telling my partner I had cover in clubs and up to them to go further

  21. Profile photo of wandad wandad says:

    I would have bid clubs in the 1st place. I have 4-not 5 spades. I now wish I never heard of the contract. We’re going down anyway and at least I can trump in with clubs

  22. Profile photo of clareo clareo says:

    I played it twice.

    Passed in the second round and left partner with 2 diamonds – disaster

    Second time bid 3 clubs then LHO bid 3S partner x and we got the down – made 500

  23. Profile photo of spungee spungee says:

    Hello everyone, and thanks for the answers. Well I am still a “beginn-ish-er” according to my local guru – partner opened 1H, I bid 1S, she then bid 2D, I bid 2NT with much trepidation, she bid 3NT! I made 5 tricks! KS was lead, followed by QS, eventually I had to take it in hand with AS, and so any entries to my hand were removed! Even if I threw the AC under a spade, I couldn’t get an entry to my clubs. What a disaster! So I then canvassed opinion on what I should have bid:

    My local guru “With such an extreme distribution I bid 2C over the 1H opening. In fact I also bid a six card minor ahead of a four card major. The hand will not play well in spades unless your partner has four and good HCPs and may still bid them over your 2C.. If she bids 2D I then bid 3C (at least 6 and nothing more to offer). On your bidding I bid 3C over the 2D and then 4C over any further bid (apart from 3NT where I would have to bid 5C) trying to kill the auction.”

    My bridge teacher “Maybe the bidding on Hand 14 should be 1H P 1S P(?) 2D P 2H – showing a preference. The golden rule is to stop bidding with a misfit and not enough points for game. 2H would only make 6 tricks but better than 3NT”

    An expert from Australian Bridge Federation: “This is definitely one of those problematic hands that can’t really be solved. Making a weak jump shift might get your clubs into the picture, but it buries the spades forever and this may have disastrous consequences of not finding the spade game.

    If the spades were much weaker, say four little spades and your clubs were AQ109832, then it’s probably much better to bypass the spades and bid your clubs. However, with Axxx in spades here, the spades are too strong to ignore it.

    In any event, after the auction above, I would give a false preference back to 2H and hope for the best! You certainly can’t bid 3C now as that would show opening points (or some might play it as fourth suit forcing).”

    So there you have it, several different opinions. We play SA with 5-card majors.

    Scorebridge tells me that we can make 3C or 2S. The opposition can make 1NT. Of the 9 pairs who played, 5 were in 3NT making 5 or 6, 1 was in 2NT making 9(!), 3H made 8, 3D made 6, 5C made 9.

    A very interesting hand, and certainly highlighted for me different bidding styles. Thanks everyone.

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