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  • 1 daily hand
  • Limited videos
  • Replay from South

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USD $10 / month + tax

  • Unlimited daily hands
  • All video tutorials
  • Replay from every seat
  • Ask teachers questions
  • Personal results + analytics

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Terms and Conditions: We think we're supposed to put some small print here, so that's what this is. Put simply, we're hoping you'll buy a monthly subscription to play bridge at our online club. You can cancel at any time, for any reason. If you're really mean or something, maybe we'll have to cancel it ourselves, but we really doubt that'll happen because you seem very friendly. What else? Sky Bridge Club is a small team doing the best we can to make a fun place to play and learn bridge. Our story began (quite) a few years ago when Graeme and Tina started a brick-and-mortar bridge club in Christchurch, NZ. When Graeme left Christchurch, he began building what we're pretty sure was the world's first browser-based online bridge engine. Over the last decade, what started as an small experiment has grown into a thriving community of bridge players from around the world. We are players of all levels. Some of us play casually, just a few hands a day. Some of us get pretty competitive. The important thing is for Sky Bridge Club to be a friendly, welcoming, and supportive place for everyone. The news today is crazy enough as it is - we hope this can be a place where we can all just kick back, relax, improve our games, and play some bridge. We're pretty sure this isn't what "small print" is supposed to talk about, but this is what we wanted to say. And if you're still reading this we're really impressed! In fact, if you want to try Royal Membership for the first time, send an email to Bajir at with "I like to play bridge in my bathrobe" in the subject line, and he'll credit your account with an extra month as a welcome present. But, Shhhh!!! This will just be a secret between us small-print readers. :)