Living Dangerously

This is a great hand to ignore the hints and be courageous – go ahead and bid up to 7 hearts.

You have an exciting auction to the grand slam. Now you have to make it! One clue for you – when one hand is distributional, the other hands tend to be also. Count your tricks before you begin and work out the best way to make 13.

Good luck and be warned!


  1. sallysmith says:

    Thank you Tina….exemplary!
    Sally Smith

  2. waxing2 says:

    Very interesting Tina. I normally would have stopped at 6H, which was easy to bid and play. 7H was much harder. Failed the first two times but then got it slightly different to you by setting up off-suit honours by cross-trumping. I only had to get rid of the 4H and then I always knew I had the best H to cross-trump. And the QD made and so the last D was there to cross trump. Then like you, a couple of trump rounds to clear out their trumps and all remaining cards were winners. Great learning exercise – many thanks.

  3. jbrown says:

    Loved the Video Tina. I had to play it a few times because Im not experience enough but well explained.
    I have gone a long way with bridge since I have been with this sight.
    Thank you

  4. bcoughlin says:

    Rebid the hand in different ways. THen made some, lost some….then tried 7 hearts….made it the third time around—relearning all the way.

  5. birdlady says:

    Just want to say I like the new look. Tina lovely as always.

  6. marilyn says:

    I am amazed at how you played the hand . I could only make 6 until I saw how you played the hand Thanks so much

  7. I tried the had without looking at the video first. I made it. Not too often I succeed so I celebrated

  8. katerina says:

    Can only make 6 hearts but will keep trying

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