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10th May

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castalia says:
Castalia is watching.....
Luki says:
Oh this is so nice of you
ElizaKaye says:
Hi Graeme By leading a spade - my partner was able to win the first trick and then played a diamond and then won the the heart lead that allowed them to play back a diamond that I trumped then I played a small club and the next time I trumped my partners diamond lead, by that time the AC had gone I lead my king c and we put them one down.
Good argumente. Thanks
Hi Graeme 😊
mikestur says:
Hi Graeme, Just watched your livestream. I actually played these hands yesterday (UK) and for the most part had the same outcome as you. Glad not to make too much of a fool, of myself.
Bowman says:
Bowman watcching
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