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Weak Jump Overcall

One of the things you should always look out for while you're playing bridge is the chance to get in your opponents way. You're not here to play nice! You should try to be as obstructive as possible when they're bidding.

In this video, Tina teaches us about the weak jump overcall, a fantastic tool for preventing your opponents from finding their ideal contract.

We have 9 HCP and a good 6-card diamond suit. We can overcall 1. Or we could overcall 2 - a weak call overcall. What does our weak call overcall mean? A 2 overcall is exactly the same as if I opened 2 in the beginning, and you'll see it puts our opponents in a difficult place.

In fact, we end up winning the auction even though East and West have the majority of the points. Play the hand - you should be able to make your contract.

Weak Jump Overcall in Bridge

After you play once, try redealing the hand overcalling only 1. How do you think your result will compare?

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Leave a comment below explaining how and why our weak jump overcall helps us with this hand.


Jeanne says:
Thank you Tina for that very interesting and educational exercise. I made the contract in 2D without problem but when I went 1D the opposition waltzed home with 3S.
vyv says:
I played the hand twice as above and got the same results so the higher overcall 2D was a good call. Thank you Tina.
Granna says:
the 2 diamond opener was the best way to go Tina. It allowed cross trumping to their clubs and spades. Thanks. The heart suit was the hero for me.
I bid 2d, the went 2s, I bid 3d and they bid 3s. They went down. I probably wouldn’t have gone to 3d when partner passed.
Condulces says:
I bid 2 D and lost to opp 2 S. However when I bid 3 D, I won.
Atlas says:
I bid 4D and made 4
wince says:
@tina......east on my computer opened 1NT.....! After watching your video, I jumped to 3D which if not Vul....would you ever do???
Tribeca12 says:
East opened 1NT & I bid 2D but they bid 2S and won the contract
Thanks @tina. There seems to be a confusion over bidding conventions here. I assume E only opens 1♣ if playing Weak NT (which I do). What about overcalling 2 if you play Strong Twos (which I do)? I tried it and expected partner to get over-excited, but he didn't: he No Bid and we got a good result of 2 +1. So is the weak jump overcall OK with Strong Twos? If so, it seems to me a good option.
missamoi says:
i tried replaying the hand, but cannot overcall 1NT with 1 D ???
Mlouk17 says:
I played the hand twice as above and got the same results so the higher overcall 2D was a good call. Thank you Tina.
I played the hand twice but did not get the bid. Would have liked to try 2 D., but West went on to 3 S. The first time I did hold them to 3 S. The second time they bid and made 3 S. It was all in the play of the cards. Like Missamoi you have to bid 2D over a 1 NT. I didn't get a chance to bid 1 D.!
Had to play it 3 times to get 3d but good practice for tonight
verona says:
vrjg says:
It didn't happen for me because I had to bid 2D over their 1NT opening. Immediately LHO bid 2S. Partner passed. So that was the end of it. Same as some of the comments above.
A1leen123 says:
Over called 1 club with 2 Diamonds and made 9. Thanks for that, Tina. You are also a great Teacher !
Ellswell says:
Playing weak 2s nd 1NT 12-14, overcall of 2D prevents West as responding to opener from presenting the spade fit enabling N/S to steal contract. Having missed the negative doubles lesson, is this a case where W could have called a negative double showing 6-9 pts but unable to call anything at one level. Think from memory W had 4 spades and 3 hearts?
fredcat says:
I didn’t get the contract. The bidding went N p, E 1nT, I bid 2d, e took the bid with 3S
DoubleM says:
Thanks Tina do interesting when bid 1D the whole hand changes and we have no chance but the weak 2D scares the opponent's off
Likewise I got a good result in 2D I really enjoy being able to replay the hands differently to see what what a mess I can get myself in. I really enjoy the format that you promote for your lessons, so easy to follow. I really should join. Tony
Excellent example. I hope to remember to use the weak 2 overcall!
mazher says:
I want to play further
Yes, I was in 2 diamonds and made contract but lost in 1 diamond. Good to know for future play. Thanks Tina. Anne
trishjean says:
Thanks Tina- just as you said. Made the 2D contract easily - went down to their 3S contract when bidding 1D.
I enjoyed playing jump 2 weak over all. Made the contract because I disturbed them. Good exercise ! Thanks
Thanks Tina now all I have to do is remember to use it🥴
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