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Be a nuisance

One of the things you should always look out for while you're playing bridge is the chance to get in your opponents way. You're not here to play nice! You should try to be as obstructive as possible when they're bidding.

In this video, Tina teaches us about the weak jump overcall, a fantastic tool for preventing your opponents from finding their ideal contract.

We have 9 HCP and a good 6-card diamond suit. We can overcall 1. Or we could overcall 2 - a weak call overcall. What does our weak call overcall mean? A 2 overcall is exactly the same as if I opened 2 in the beginning, and you'll see it puts our opponents in a difficult place.

In fact, we end up winning the auction even though East and West have the majority of the points. Play the hand - you should be able to make your contract.

Weak Jump Overcall in Bridge

After you play once, try redealing the hand overcalling only 1. How do you think your result will compare?

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