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Transfers in bridge

A transfer in bridge is made after a notrump opening by bidding the suit below your actual suit. If you have a 5-card heart suit, you bid 2. If you have 5 spades, you bid 2. The bid is a command to partner to bid the suit above the one you bid. Your second bid, or pass, shows the strength of your hand.

Weakness takeout using transfers

Transfers in Bridge

You don't have enough for game, and your suit is pretty horrible, but your hand is much more suitable for spades than notrumps. Transfer to 2!s and pass. The great thing about transfers with a weak hand is that partner, who is stronger, often becomes declarer.

Choosing the best game

Transfers in Bridge

You have enough for game with this hand so tell partner. The beauty of this convention is that you can now bid 3NT. First tell your partner that you have 5 spades by bidding 2!h, then tell partner that you have enough for game. It is up to partner to choose the final contract. - 3NT or 4♠.

Weak Minor Hands

If you have a very weak hand and a 6 or 7-card minor you should bid 2♠. This does not show spades as you would have bid 2. 2♠ demands that partner bid 3♣. You now bid your minor suit and partner must pass.

Transfers in Bridge

South shows a weak hand with long diamonds.

Don't transfer with a 5-card minor. You can call that a balanced hand. You need a 6-card suit at least.


LaurenML says:
ACOL minor transfer in NZ Bridge lessons say 2nt with 6 D or C responder bid. then opener bids clubs of diamonds are lessons not ACOL

2S is rangefinder
Hello Graham
I have a query about responding to a transfer. As the responder must I bid the suit implied? ie INT - 2H -2S? Or can I take on board the information and bid accordingly?

See attached the hand I played this weekend.Scan.jpeg

The bidding went as follows:

S (me) 1NT , W p, N 2H, Ep, S 2NT , W p, N 3NT we made 10 tricks.

As my partner had indicate that she had 5 spades, I thought we had a NT contact so bid 2NT rather that the 2S (which is the conventional response to a transfer). Is this a wise strategy? I suppose we would have got to game anyway.

Others at the table said that I was obliged to bid 2S.

Thanks for all the interesting videos and advice.

Best wishes
meekbell says:
Hi Graeme, As partner, are you still able to make a transfer bid if the oppositon bids 2C immediately following the 1NT opening ?
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