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Rule of 11

The Rule of 11 in bridge tells you who has the missing high cards in the suit that was led. It can be used if you think partner has led the 4th highest card in a suit and it sometimes helps you to decide what card to play yourself.

How to use the rule of 11

rule of 11 in bridge

You are South on the following hand and partner leads the 7 against West's 3NT contract. Dummy plays low.

rule of 11 in bridge

How can you use the rule of 11?

Count the number of higher cards higher than the lead that you can see.
You can see three cards higher than the 7 in your hand and one card higher than the 7 in dummy for a total of 4.

Add the value of the card led.
Partner leads the 7 so 7 + 4 = 11.

11 - 11 = 0! Declarer has no cards higher than the 7. You can let partner's 7 hold the trick and keep your Ace to cover dummy's K.

Here is the full hand:

rule of 11 in bridge

Partner's 7 wins the first trick!

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