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Responding to an overcall

Responding to an overcall is not the same as responding to an opening bid. Let's look at the difference.

Here's the hand in the video for you to play yourself.

Responding to an overcall in Bridge

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Socks says:
Great lesson, thanks. There is a movement to reply to o/cs with the same points as regular responder. Glad you have sorted this and with a thorough explanation as to why the points are different.
Wow 😮 I did not realize you did not have to respond to an overcall ! Thanx
suzicoo says:
@graeme Thanks once again. Always so interesting.
we bid 2NT and made 3NT !!!
Bid & made 4 hearts. Didn’t think it through though, as per the video, just played as I saw my hand.
@Graeme. Another really good lesson, thank you.
Scooter says:
Very helpful. Thanks, Scooter
Jobridge says:
Graeme, What if you have opening point values (12 to 15) in an overcall position? How do you tell partner that game is possible with fit and 6 points in her hand? Or is that not possible?
JBrown says:
I just love these lessons. Im learning so much. Graeme is making bride so much clearer instead of me bring confused all the time.
brookm says:
Great lesson thanks, Graeme - so simply explained something we all sort of know but haven't really deduced consiously and precisely.
Marilyn says:
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