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The Pre-emptive Raise

A pre-empt is an opening bid or overcall made with a long trump suit and few points. pre-empt are great! They make it tough for the opponents and you have the safety of all those trumps.

Let's take that idea and see if we can use it elsewhere.

If your opponents open the bidding, specially if both opponents are bidding, then the chances of your side making game are slim and you're seldom going to want to invite partner to game.

So what does a jump raise of an overcall show? Not much point inviting to game if everyone is bidding so why not use jump raises of overcalls as pre-emptive raises?

Good trumps, maybe not such a good hand. Yeah!

Preemptive Raise in Bridge


Hi, didn't make it, 2 light. Was that normal or is it possible? Thanks.
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