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Negative Double

A double made at a low level is normally takeout if there are two or more unbid suits. There are various types of takeout double. A negative double is the name given to a double made by the responder.

When to make a negative double

A negative double promises support for the unbid suits and shows a hand where you don't have a natural bid to make. It means that you can take part in the auction safely even with quite a weak hand.

negative double

You need 10 HCP or more to change suit at the 2-level and you can't support partner. You can't bid 1NT without a spade stopper. The solution is to make a negative double. The message to partner is that you have some points, some length in the unbid suits, but not enough strength to bid at the 2-level.

Negative Double then Bid

Partner has opened and your right hand opponent has made an overcall.

Negative Double in Bridge

Bidding a new suit at the 2 level as responder is forcing. How can you show your long suit without partner blasting off too high? You can make a negative double and then bid your suit to show length but no real interest in game.

They bid your best suit

On this next hand you'd love to be able to double their 2♣ bid for penalties. Trouble is, partner will think you're making a negative double.

Negative Double in Bridge

Watch the video to see Graeme and Bajir discuss this hand.


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