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The more you play, the better

with Tina McVeigh

You've played your first bridge hand. What next? Just keep playing!

Come back to Sky Bridge Club every day for a free daily hand to play. As you play, ask questions - we love beginners and our community of bridge players are very supportive and friendly. Many of us are still learning just like you!

To play today's bridge hand, just go to the Home page and click that red play button. As you keep learning, you can follow the hints through the auctions. Most importantly, have fun!

To keep learning, please visit our Learn page to explore our lessons and practice hands.

Review the previous lessons in our Introduction to Bridge series:

If you've never played a hand of bridge before, you are in the right place. Bridge is played by four players, with partners seated across from each other.
In each hand, you and your partner work together to win tricks. Let's learn about tricks.
How is it determined if there is a trump suit that will be more powerful than the other suits?
Like an auction, you have to bid higher than the previous bid. But what is the order of the suits?
The auction is finished. The contract tells you if there a trump suit. Now, it's time to play the cards and win as many tricks as you can!


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