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Beginners' Course - Acol

with Tina McVeigh

The Beginners' Course - Acol is for everyone who'd like to learn or review the most important aspects of the game, from understanding the bidding to planning your play.

This is an Acol course for players in NZ, the UK and parts of Australia. If you play Standard bridge (most players in the USA, Canada, Ireland, and other parts of Australia), you should head over to our Beginners' Course - Standard.

In this free online bridge course, you will learn about:

Your teacher is Tina McVeigh, one of our teachers here at Sky Bridge Club. As you make your way through the course, you can leave questions in the comments, test yourself, and play your first bridge hand.

Let's get started!


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Practice Hands

Lesson Review

In this video, we review the key concepts of bridge including the order of the suits, the auction, the contract, and winning tricks.
You and your partner's objectives during the auction are twofold: To choose the correct trump suit and level...
Bids that show a precise number of points are called "limit" bids. Limit bids are important because they enable the opener to calculate the combined strength.
Responder's choices are the same as the opener's: longest suit, lower available 4-card suit, or higher ranking 5-card suit...
In this lesson, we learn about overcalls, when an opponent decides to bid after an opponent has bid.
Opening 1NT is a very helpful and specific bid. In the Acol system, it means you have 12-14 HCP and a balanced hand.
In this lesson, Tina will teach you about other notrump bids. We learned that an opening bid of 1NT shows 12-14 HCP. What if your hand is stronger?
This lesson is about weak opening bids. Why would you open the bidding with a weak hand? Often, it's to be a nuisance to your partner.
This lesson is about what to bid with 20+ HCP.
Doubles are an exciting part of bridge. There are two types of bridge: penalty doubles and takeout doubles. This lesson is about takeout doubles.
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