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Common Mistakes

with Tina McVeigh

In this online bridge course, you will hear all the most common mistakes Tina has seen her students make year after year. You will also learn how to spot them and avoid making them yourself!

Let's get started!

Partner opens the bidding with 1♣ and you have a pretty weak hand. How do you respond with only 6 high card points?
Your decisions during the auction should be influenced by what has happened so far. There are always clues there...
When partner opens the bidding, you want to tell partner as much as possible about your hand shape as well as your strength.
After East opens, you overcall with a pre-emptive 4. But that doesn't stop West from going to game. After two passes, the ball is in your court. What to do?
If you have a weak hand, can you bid the same suit twice? Does your second bid show extra strength?
Our hand is awful and the chance of ever getting in to make a long heart is remote. But what about partner - can we figure out how to help him make his tricks?