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Card Sense

Are your finesses working 50% of the time? Let's improve that percentage!
Count a suit by simply keeping track of how many tricks your opponents follow to.
Learn how you can use the clues from the bidding and play of the cards for remembering the cards played at bridge
We are all bound to play our fair share of boring hands. But sometimes, if you look close enough, the best lessons can be found from a boring hand!


Norwil898 says:
Hi Guys. Thanks am very impressed at the amount of effort you put into card play. A good player stands a better chance of winning against someone who just learns lots of conventions. Keep up the good work.
Norwil898 says:
Hi Graeme. Northern Ireland Bridge Union are modernising their website. Have you any objections to me putting a link to your website. I start teaching schoolchildren again in a few weeks. They are aged around 14/15. I would like to include some of your card play stuff in what I teach. Is that ok too. Norman
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