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Asking for Aces in bridge

We all look forward to the exciting hands when you realize you and partner both have strong hands. Unfortunately, it's not always clear whether you have enough for slam. When unsure whether to bid slam, there are two helpful bids that you can use to ask for aces: Blackwood or Gerber.

Watch the video in which Bajir asks Graeme whether asking for aces would be helpful with this hand. Then, play the hand to see how you do.

In this hand, you sure have a fantastic hand. And it looks like partner does too! So, should you leap to slam or ask for aces first?

Asking for Aces in Bridge

With this hand you realize both you and partner have strong hands. Will asking for aces help you know that you should go to slam?

After partner rebids hearts, what do you do?

Bid 3NT
Bid 4
4NT - ask for aces
Jump to slam
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It can be easy to confuse when to bid Blackwood and Gerber. If you think you asked for aces and partner doesn't respond properly, we recommend checking out our lessons on slam bidding.

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LaurenML says:
this hand wont let you ace ask
tessybear says:
It is how I would play this hand, but with one exception - I needed to bid 3D (not 2D) to show a strong hand, if I don't my partner would pass. But other than that everything else was the same. Thanks for the lesson and the realization that the NT convention was invented, not to bid slam, but to see if we should not bid slam. An importance difference.
sassy104 says:
I play ACOL but tried to Ace ask with 4C and got 4D response meaning no Aces so only wnt 4 H making 5
Jzac says:
explain asking 4nt asking for aces
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