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Asking for Aces

Asking for aces in bridge is a technique used for slam bidding. It's no good bidding a slam if you are missing two aces! Blackwood is an ace asking convention and also one of the most popular conventions in bridge.

Here's an example hand for you to practice ace asking.

Asking for Aces in Bridge

Mr. Blackwood himself said his convention useful for staying out of slams that don't make, not one to push into borderline slams. Having all the aces won't be enough if you don't have enough overall strength. Still, when the job calls for it, Blackwood really can be a helpful tool.


LaurenML says:
this hand wont let you ace ask
tessybear says:
It is how I would play this hand, but with one exception - I needed to bid 3D (not 2D) to show a strong hand, if I don't my partner would pass. But other than that everything else was the same. Thanks for the lesson and the realization that the NT convention was invented, not to bid slam, but to see if we should not bid slam. An importance difference.
sassy104 says:
I play ACOL but tried to Ace ask with 4C and got 4D response meaning no Aces so only wnt 4 H making 5
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