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ABC bridge plus

A few simple enhancements to your basic bidding system.

Reverse Bids in Bridge

A reverse shows a strong hand with the first bid suit always being longer than the second. A reverse means that partner has to bid to the 3 level in order to return to opener's first suit.

reverse bids in bridge

2 is a reverse because if South wants to go back to North's first suit it will need to be at the 3 level with a bid of 3.

Fourth suit forcing

If three suits have been bid and responder then bids the only remaining unbid suit then that's the fourth suit, of course, and it's forcing to game. It doesn't promise cards in that suit, fourth suit forcing is just a convenient way to show a good hand.

ABC bridge plus in Bridge

Weak Freak

A jump to game by responder on the first round of bidding shows a weak hand commonly referred to as the weak freak

Weak Freak
ABC bridge plus in Bridge

North opens 1 and with just 6 points South raises to game!

You might be surprised how many times game makes after a weak freak response. Even if game doesn't make you'll shut your opponents out of the bidding and it will often be a good sacrifice.

Delayed Game Raise

A jump to game by responder on the second round of bidding isn't necessarily a sign off and can be a simple way to describe your hand and then pass control over to partner.

ABC bridge plus in Bridge

Supporting with 3 trumps

You don't always need 4 trumps to support responder's suit. 3 card support and a bit of shape is plenty!

ABC bridge plus in Bridge

Stayman and Transfers

The Stayman convention is used to find a 4-4 major fit after a 1NT or 2NT opening. With two balanced hands, 3NT is often the best contract - but not always! If your side has an 8 card heart fit or an 8 card spade fit then 4 or 4♠ might be better.

A transfer in bridge is made after a notrump opening by bidding the suit below your actual suit. If you have a 5-card heart suit, you bid 2. If you have 5 spades, you bid 2. The bid is a command to partner to bid the suit above the one you bid. Your second bid, or pass, shows the strength of your hand.

Practice Hands
Stayman and Transfers


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