Learn Bridge Online

It's easiest and more fun to learn how to play bridge while you're playing. Along with our lessons and videos we have plenty of practice hands so you can play bridge against the computer for free while you learn.

Learn bridge online while you play

learn in bridge example hand You can learn bridge online at Sky Bridge Club and if you're having lessons in a bridge club you can use play here to get some extra practice. Everyone is welcome here and many of our players are complete beginners. There are a few international players, too, and they're here to help and answer any questions you might have.

How to play bridge

If you've never played bridge before we have a quick lesson for you to learn how to play bridge and we'll explain the bidding system used by the computer.

Hand Evaluation

It's not just about points! Learn about better bidding with the Losing Trick Count, the Law of Total Tricks and the Rule of 20.


Overcalls are your usual way into the auction after the oposition have opened. Michaels Cue Bids are a neat way of showing two suits when overcalling.


Some doubles in bridge are for penalties, some doubles are takeout.

Weak 2 bids

Weak 2 bids are a common feature of most bidding systems.

Reverse Bids in Bridge

Reverse Bids are probably the cause more of more overbidding than anything else. An understanding of reverses will save you from a lot of bad contracts.

Slam Bidding

Slam Bidding requires good basic bidding skills as asking for aces using Blackwood or Gerber.

Stayman and Transfers

Here we look at Stayman and Transfers, two of the most popular bidding conventions in bridge.

Declarer Play

Learning to play the cards in bridge is easiest when you can practice what you're learning. We've got some hands for you to try and some tips on counting winners and counting losers, remembering the cards played and how to finesse.


Some people love the special skills required for Defence / Defense in bridge. Leads, signals and the Rule of 11 are some of the techniques to practice when you learn bridge online.

Play Bridge Online

Playing is still the best way to learn. Play bridge online at Sky Bridge Club with free daily deal or upgrade for unlimited hands.