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gypssy says:
Reversals. Graeme please clarify this bidding for me. My partner and I have different understanding of the followings bids. If I have 16+pts and I open 1H, opps bids 1NT, and my P responds 2c , would my response bid of 2S be a reversal. Many thanks gypssy
carolmy says:
@tina, @graeme, in the situation where I am a responder, but there is a 1NT overcall, is a double still a penalty double, as it is if there is a 1NT opening? If I have 6-9 points, so cannot go to 2 level, but a reasonable number of cards in one suit, what do I do?
Hi I am wondering where Tina's "bridge makes racey ladies" video is. Had a hand the other day and wanted to review it as I couldn't remember what the lesson was. Hoping you can help Heather
Hi Graeme Hope you won't be offended when I remind you we are now in 2020!! Really enjoy all your videos so please let us have lots more xx
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