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Learn to play bridge

How to play bridge

Learn everything you need to know to start playing in this short lesson and try an easy practice hand.
ABC bridge

ABC bridge

Simple, effective bidding will get you to the right contract more often than not. Stick to ABC bridge and you'll be tough to beat.

Competitive Bidding

Just because the opposition have opened the bidding doesn't mean you can't bid but you also need to know when to stop bidding!

Declarer Play and Defence

Some hands for you to try and some tips on counting winners and losers, finessing how to finesse and remembering the cards played.
Defending a hand in bridge is the same as declarer play in the sense that you're simply trying to win as many tricks as possible. Learn more about defence.
Develop yours!

Better Bridge

Good hand evaluation at bridge will help your bidding. Trumps and shape are just as important as points!
A few simple enhancements to your basic bidding system.
The strength of a hand depends on points, trumps, distribution and working honours. Together, this information will help you decide whether or not to bid slam.


Soose3 says: Reply
Hi Graeme,
Even though I’m a relative beginner, I play against some very experienced players who give me lots of advice. When I’m told “Don’t lead away from your ace”, what exactly do they mean?
Wendylou says: Reply
Hi Graeme
My partner wants to introduce Multi-Two's (bidding) into our system. They seem to be all the rage here in regional WA. What do you think of this strategy? Would you be able to do a video on how it works?
Wendylou says: Reply
Hi Graeme, I greatly appreciate your thoughts and you've given me some very good reasons not to bother with multi-two bids - I can see what you mean about not making a difference to the overall scores - and keeping it simple makes communication with my partner so much easier (and hence more successful) What I will do, is some research into defense against multi-twos, Thank you for your response
thotsou says: Reply
Hi Graeme. I am probably one of the few remote members of the club, from Athens, Greece. I have been following you since more that two years and learnt a lot. When I play in bridge tournaments, after the end I get the hands printed and I want to play them on the computer again to see how I could have played better. Can I do that through the Bridge Online page or some other way?
Thank you
thotsou says: Reply
Hi Graeme, thanks for your reply. I will be looking around for any such application and will revert.
Christine41 says: Reply
HI. Every now and again at 3NT a reference to "the Amish Stitch" appears. I can't find this bid anywhere else on the www. What does it mean? Where did it come from?
JenSL64 says: Reply
JenSL64 says:
If North opens the bidding with 2 clubs, and East overcalls with 2 spades, what does South do? South can't follow the usual practice of responding with 2 diamonds, so should South bid 3 diamonds even though South only has 1 point! Please help this new learner. Thanks.
smm162 says: Reply
I would love it if you would address opening in 3rd and 4th seat. Prehaps you already have but I haven't found it. Always a puzzlement as to when to and when not to open, and how short is too short. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.
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