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How to play bridge

In this short series of videos and activities, Tina teaches you everything you need to know to start playing.
Acol Bidding

Acol Bidding

Acol is the most common bidding system in New Zealand and the UK. Tina will show you how it all works.

Standard Bidding

Standard Bidding

The Standard bidding system, typically used by those living in the United States, Australia, and Canada.


Learning to score will make you a better bridge player. You'll bid better, you'll play better. And you'll know how to score. Let's do this!

Better Bridge

Whether you play Standard or Acol, here are the ABCs of how things work at Sky Bridge Club.
Just because the opposition have opened the bidding doesn't mean you can't bid but you also need to know when to stop bidding!
The strength of a hand depends on points, trumps, distribution and working honours. Together, this information will help you decide whether or not to bid slam.
Stayman and Transfers
In this online bridge course, you will hear all the most common mistakes Tina has seen her students make year after year.

Declarer Play, Leads and Defence

Some hands for you to try and some tips on counting winners and losers, finessing how to finesse and remembering the cards played.
The player to the left of the declarer makes the opening lead. Here are some tips on choosing the best suit and best card to lead.
Defending a hand in bridge is the same as declarer play in the sense that you're simply trying to win as many tricks as possible. Learn more about defence.
Develop yours!

Here to help

Have a bridge question? We're here to help.