How to respond?

How to respond?

How do you respond to partner’s 1D opening?

Leave a comment below and let us know your answer, as well as what your thinking was that led to your decision!


  1. dianap48 says:

    Cannot bid at the 2 level, and 1NT denies 4 spades

  2. janemart says:

    1. Not enough points to bid at 2 level and anyway I’d rather show a strong 4 card major suit than a not very good (albeit a bit longer) minor. 1NT? Nah. I think that’s for telling partner you have a few points but can’t think of anything else to say. This hand is just about interesting enough to try and describe it.

  3. jeanne says:

    1S is the only correct option.

  4. salrocha says:

    2 Clubs to start and then show the spade suit after the response


  5. annefarrell says:

    You need at least 11points to go to 2 level so stick to 1 spade. It gives you room to manouevre.

  6. ellswell says:

    Points v Fit. If you call 1S you are representing your points (6+) correctly at sake of longest length. If you call 2C your misleading partner with points you hold (hold 8 representing 10+) while still not telling partner you have 5 clubs. If you make a fit, you have enough points between you that the 2 level is very achievable, and 3 level possible. So does it matter much as bidding will get to 2 level anyway. Probably the answer is 1S. Yesterday there was a hand that I went looking for fit in 3 level after opening bid was a weak 2 or 3 bid and partner jumped when searching for fit and we were in 6 level in a suit that I should never had called. At second time trying we made all 13. Just learning and need couple falls to realise slow and steady always beats glory hunters. But do like length than strength for big plays. So when do you stop looking for fits at sake of misrepresenting points? I think I’ll need it beaten out of me.

  7. heatherte1 says:

    I bid 1S indicating 4 s. Show your major. I think bidding 1NT shows no 4 card major

  8. 1S.-playing Acol -must show your major. Not enough points to bid 2C

  9. annettelarke says:

    1S to show my 4-card spade suit. Then we’ll see what partner bids next.

  10. 2C is a small lie— normally require 10 pats to change suit at the two level; while 1S would work, partner still unsure of your point count.

  11. heiditormey says:

    Can’t bid at 2 level, as not enough points. Can’t go 1NT because it denies a 4-card Spade suit, so 1 Spade it is.

  12. bluebag says:

    1S show 4 card major which 1NT would deny

  13. Not sure why you are asking this question. It seems too obvious

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