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Ten Hands

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BLcat7 says:
Will these sessions be recorded to view later? I'm sleeping at 2 am:-)
we are all over the world....is that 7 am ....uk time.....@bajir.....the live stream...
Jobridge says:
Hope to be awake at 2am on Feb. 9th.
chetzler says:
After watching 10 games, I play the games myself. When not happy with score, I would like to go back and review how you played game. Is there an easy way to go back and hone in on a specific game among the 10 you played? It would be great if there were a link from first 10 games of day to the same game that you played.
Kept a note of my bidding and very happy to say I matched yours apart from hand 6. Made a dog's dinner of the play on hand 10. Please keep on with this, finding it very helpful.
JBrown says:
Thank you Graeme.
These hands are so helpful to me.
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