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Ten Hands

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Here's a sample live-stream


graeme says:
Hi @fatwing, you were asking about whether or not I would open that last hand with a human partner. No, I would not. The thing is, it's not all about points. That hand had 12 points but I didn't think they were a good 12 points. My partners know that when I open the bidding I will have a good opening hand, not a borderline one. Seems odd, perhaps, but I think my partners end up trusting me more because of it, not less. Hope that makes sense.
fatwing says:
Thank you, as a first year player it is something I wouldn’t have thought of doing. I can see how it is a poor hand. This adds another dimension to bridge.
Jobridge says:
Love your livestream comments, Graeme but not in right part of the world (or too sleepy) to watch you as you’re doing it.
Why not 3D showing long and weak
lolli9 says:
Thanks so much, Graeme. I didn't know about this streaming. I'm hoping by watching you and listening my game will improve. I've been working at this a while now. LOL
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