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May 22, 2018
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Guarantee your slam!

You reach the fine contract of 6 on the jack of spades lead. How can you absolutely guarantee your contract?


  1. How did you do? Did you see the sure way to 12 tricks?

    The way to 12 tricks is to draw trumps, play out all the spades and the ace of clubs. Now throw the opposition on lead with a small club. It does not matter who wins the trick. If your opponent returns a diamond, you get a free finesse. If your opponent plays a club or a spade, you can trump in one hand and discard a losing diamond in the other.

  2. lolli9 says:

    Yes. That was nice practice and worked, but comp. wouldn’t let me bid 6h!

  3. OK I find that really useful. I finessed the diamond and then held my breath until the 8c proved the winner.

  4. gwendolinej says:

    I ignored the hint to stop at 4h and kept going. Did Blackwood. I couldn’t see anyway to guarantee 6h, so played the Jd from dummy and prayed. Great lesson.

  5. birdlady says:

    I turned off hints and I could bid as I choose.

  6. terrypause says:

    ok got it…brilliant….is that called squeeze play…will try and remember it

  7. ellswell says:

    Just a beginner, but isn’t it possible (although highly unlikely) that E with no spades and two trumps, trumps first lead. Then leads diamond and W with no diamond trumps with only trump, leads back spade and E again trumps. NS down first 3 tricks and still unlikely to make that second club lead. Again probably not knowing what I’m talking about and on trainer wheels, haven’t graduated to learner licence, just learning so forgive me if being an idiot.

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