Don’t Count, Visualize!


Graeme and Bajir have a special new series for our Royals! In the next few videos, they’ll be covering hand visualization, a skill that makes a huge difference when playing or defending a hand!

So much of cardplay comes down to recognizing a few common number patterns that add up to bridge’s favorite number, 13. Mastering these simple patterns will make keeping track of suits and distributions much quicker and easier. It will save you from many headaches like forgetting how many cards of a suit you started with, or checking whether you’ve pulled all the trump yet.

Check out today’s video, where Graeme and Bajir manage to get a perfect count on the hand…or do they!?

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  1. chico says:

    Don’t just count. Visualize. (And nevermind West who throws @graeme a curveball)

    Bidding System: 5 card majors, strong notrump, weak twos, transfers.
    W N E S
    – – 1 1
    2 2 P P
    3 P P 3
    P P P

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