Play Bridge | 03 09 2017 | Hand 10 | ♠K98 ♥A973 ♦62 ♣J764


  1. Profile photo of tina tina says:

    @graeme 09-3/10 auction again – there seems to be a problem with balanced hands. Bids NT with unbal sometimes and here bids hearts with a flat hand when I clearly will usually only have a 4-card suit.

    Bidding System: 4 card majors, weak notrump, weak twos, transfers.
    W N E S
    – – P P
    1 X P 2
    P 4 P P

  2. Profile photo of tina tina says:

    @graeme. We’ll have to agree to disagree-again. That north hand is so flat.

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